You have a young child (newborn through school-aged) who’s showing signs of a developmental delay. Maybe he or she isn’t talking. Or barely walking. Whatever you’re facing, we know the one thing you most desperately want—progress. Here’s the good news: At SOAR365, the children we treat show progress because we show them compassion and expertise. 

Our team of Pediatric Therapy professionals support children so they can

  • Develop gross motor, fine motor, communication, social and problem-solving skills

  • Participate with other children so your child can enjoy typical childhood experiences

  • Enjoy a variety of home and community activities

Types of services

Early Intervention for children ages birth to 36 months. If your boy or girl is under the age of three, we’ll come to you. If you need help at home, we’ll be there. If your child has mealtime issues, we’ll come at dinner time. Or when you and your family are shopping. We’ll also provide services in your language. 

Outpatient Therapy for children ages birth through school-age. If you need therapy at one of SOAR365’s locations, we’ll make it happen.

Care starts with a call

Please call us at (804) 358-1874. Or email us at
To find more about SOAR365 services offered, please visit Locations.   


The percentage of children receiving our services last year who showed significant improvement within six months


The percentage of parents who feel more confident about their ability to care for their child after working with SOAR365


The percentage of children in our Pediatric Therapy program who will not need special education, which will save their communities $13 million


How much every child entering public school system without needing special education saves the community

We support more than your loved one, we’ll support you too 

At SOAR365 we’re doing everything we can to help make things easier… for you. For starters, anyone can refer your loved one to our program. And once you’re enrolled, you can schedule an appointment directly with your little one’s therapist—no middle man to get in the way.

Our sons are not the same little boys who began getting care from Pediatric Therapy. They are stronger, steadier, speak more clearly and are growing independently of us physically. We have seen great progress in their development
— Pediatric Therapy Parent

The earlier you get your LOved one into care, the better chance there is for success

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. The sooner your little one will be talking or walking or eating or making eye contact. Nothing feels better than seeing the child you love develop into the child he or she can be. And it all happens faster, when you enroll earlier.


Your donation does so much

The advantages of caring for children in their own environment are significant. So are the costs. Because we travel to see the children we treat, your gift empowers us to cover the costs of our highly effective—but expensive—service model.