If you have a school-aged child (5 to 21) who has special needs and can’t be left unsupervised, we have the perfect solution: SOAR365’s Children & Youth Program. When school’s closed, we’re open—and ready to inspire, challenge, encourage, support, educate and care for your loved one. 

Here are just some of the ways we engage every child

  • Help with homework

  • Training in safety, cooking, money management, shopping and personal hygiene

  • Learning new ways to express him or herself through art, music and other creative ways

  • Exercise, nutrition counseling and medication management

  • Insights into socializing with others, often through volunteering

  • Trips to restaurants, museums, bowling alleys, swimming pools, libraries and parks

  • Work skills/Career exploration 

This isn’t babysitting. It’s a high-quality program that inspires meaningful gains in our student’s skills and immeasurable benefits for their parents and caregivers. It’s just another way that your needs drive our care.

Care starts with a call

Please call us at (804) 358-1874. Or email us at childandyouth@soar365.org
To find where these services are offered, please visit Locations.


The number of students who benefitted in 2018 from our Child & Youth Program


The percentage of individuals who made progress on their health and safety goals


Commitment to your loved one’s growth and well-being


Percentage of participants in this program last year who made progress in their Community Engagement goals

Hours that work with your schedule 

We’re open on school days from 2pm to 7pm. (So you don’t have to leave your job early.)
On school holidays and summer break, we’re open from 8:30am to 6pm. (So you can work a full day.)

I love the way SOAR365 works with my daughter’s school. They know her teacher’s educational goals and try to reach them. ‘Wonderful’ is the only word to describe the after school staff.
— Children & Youth Program Parent

We can’t enrich your life until you enroll

We can’t wait to work with your loved one—and help you get back to work yourself. The first step is enrolling. We’ve made it as easy as possible. Just click below.


Your donation does so much

About 40% of our Children & Youth Program expenses are covered by reimbursements. That leaves a $7,000 a year gap for every student enrolled in the program. Your gift goes a long way to helping us bridge that gap.