The quality of life for an adult with a disability improves dramatically when he or she participates in regular physical, intellectual and social activities—the very sorts of activities that occur every Monday through Friday in SOAR365’s Adult Programs. 

The adults in our programs are happier and healthier (not to mention more accomplished).  And just as importantly, their parents and caregivers have the freedom to maintain their day-to-day activities, which makes them happy too. And at the end of day, they can all go home and talk about how their days went. 

Here’s what the participants in our Adult Programs will be talking about over dinner

  • Volunteering in the community, including at Meals on Wheels, the SPCA and the YMCA

  • Learning about safety, cooking, money management, shopping and personal hygiene

  • Discovering new ways to express him or herself through art, music and other creative outlets

  • Exercising

  • Getting nutrition counseling and medication management

  • Acquiring important social skills

We also provide a special memory support program for adults with demential or Alzheimer’s. Basically, our Adult Programs empower your loved one to grow, socialize, volunteer, learn, be active and thrive.

Care starts with a call

Please call us at (804) 358-1874. Or email us at
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The number of individuals who benefitted from our Adult Programs in 2018


Of our adults performed meaningful volunteer service in 2018


The percentage of our adults who made meaningful progress on their goals last year


The percentage of families who say their loved one is treated with humanity and respect.

My son cannot participate in sports, but he loves the wellness and fitness activities he does at SOAR365. He even does them at home. I love that he’s not just sitting around.
— SOAR365 Adult Program Parent

We can’t enrich your life until you enroll

The number of Adults who can participate in our program more than doubled last year (thanks to the opening of our Staples Mill location), so there are more chances than ever for your loved one to enroll in our Adult Program. But don’t wait. This program will change your loved one’s life, and transform yours.


Your donation does so much

Medicaid Waiver reimbursements for Adult Programs haven’t increased in over 10 years. But our costs have. So your donation helps us cover a $500 deficit for every adult enrolled in our Adult Programs.