We were founded 65 years ago by parents determined to find new and different ways to support their children with disabilities. Today, we’re still doing the same thing. 

We’re still driven by compassion, not convention. More committed to purpose than policy. And our boots-on-the-ground understanding of our clients’ need—and the needs of their families—drives us to do things in ways others don’t.

As time passed, and we found ourselves doing more—and dreaming bigger—it became obvious that our old name wasn’t big enough for us anymore. 

We needed a name as bold as our aspirations. A name that showed how high we want our clients and their families to climb. We wanted everyone to know how tireless we are—and how our commitment never takes a day off. 

So moving forward, we are SOAR365. The sky has always been the limit around here. Now, people will know that from the moment they meet us.

C’mon. Let’s take your dreams and our dreams higher. Together.